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This past week, we went to check in on three boys that have been resettled with their families in Eastern Uganda. Since all of our guys are grown up now, we decided that moving forward we wanted to focus on resettling boys with their families. It is a commo…

Did you know?

LOT2545 has 3 main focuses: feeding people, education, and providing jobs. We feed people because all good things involve food. Celebrating something? Food. Want to show someone you care about them? Cook for them. Remembering Jesus’ sacrifice? Bread. …

New Sponsorship

We have the joy of watching kids grow up into young men and playing a small part in them reaching their dreams and goals. Anytime you talk to any of our guys, they have big plans and dreams for the future. They always have. It was just before they didn’t kn…

Gifts that Give Back

Is Christmas on your mind? Are you wanting to give gifts that give back this year? Did you answer yes to both of those questions? We have the perfect solution for you.  Did you know that we employ over 20 women throughout the year with ou…

Rainy Days

I always have an intention of writing more here, and then a year passes…. It is the rainy season in Uganda. My flowers are loving it, and I am sure the farmers are too. But for those of us that are trying to run errands or get work done, the rain can be …

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