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This past week, we went to check in on three boys that have been resettled with their families in Eastern Uganda. Since all of our guys are grown up now, we decided that moving forward we wanted to focus on resettling boys with their families. It is a common misconception that kids living on the streets don’t have families. While that is true for some, it isn’t the most common situation. Each child’s story of why they ran away is very personal, and sometimes we never get the full truth. And that is ok. When they are ready, they will share.

However, from experience we have seen that most reasons are simple fixes. Things like there were no school fees, not enough food at home, etc. So when we meet a kid that is ready to return to their families, we are excited to be a part of helping mend the fences and getting .

Did you know that we meet the boys that want to go back to their families at our lunch program? That is why it is so important. Kids living on the street have learned not to trust people. Many times, people come taking photos promising to help, but never do anything. Even one of the recently resettled boys told us exactly that when we promised to help him. However, through our lunch program, the kids get to know that we are serious about helping them and want to see them off the streets and will do whatever we can to make it happen.

Just in the last few months, we have been able to get 5 boys off the streets and back with their families. And it all started with our lunch program. But once they choose to go back home, our support doesn’t stop there. We continue to follow up and visit, provide food baskets during the school holidays(and this whole lockdown), and provide medical care and school fees and requirements. That is where sponsorship comes in.

Are you interested in partnering with us to feed kids or to sponsor once they get home? Send us a message or check out our get involved page.