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There are thousands of kids living on the street in Uganda.  None of them should be there, but some really do have families that love them and want them home.  Any variety of things could have gone wrong to lead a boy to the street.  It is possible that he simply got lost from his family while they were in Kampala, and with no way back, he remained stuck in the city.  Even a small disagreement could have scared a boy enough to make him run, realizing too late, that the streets were no place to be.  Majority of the time, the boys just grow tired of the cruel life on the streets and whatever terrible thing happened in their village doesn’t seem so bad anymore. 

Whatever the case, we want to get these boys back to their villages and families where they belong. We will help the boy return to his village and continue to support him from there, when needed. This means maybe helping with school fees, or starting the family with an income-generating project such as raising pigs or chickens, or something else like making bricks or charcoal. We will work with the family to discover a job that is viable for them, so they will be able to better provide for their family and the financial stress of their child returning home will diminish.

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