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Did you know?

LOT2545 has 3 main focuses: feeding people, education, and providing jobs.

We feed people because all good things involve food. Celebrating something? Food. Want to show someone you care about them? Cook for them. Remembering Jesus’ sacrifice? Bread.

All good things begin with being fed. And for those living on the streets, or struggling to get a meal, it is no different. A warm meal not only fills their stomachs, but it shows them that someone sees their suffering and cares enough to do something about it.

We also use meals to build relationships. Think about your friends. What do you do when you want to talk or hang out? Go get food. Relationships are built around the dinner table. That is why sitting down with your family every night is so important. You discuss your day and your problems. The same for the people we feed. It is a chance to meet them and talk about their problems and see how they want to be helped.

And lastly, it is providing jobs. We have 2 different people that we are working with to provide meals. One is a woman that has a small place where she cooks food. She was there before we started feeding people, and everyone loves her cooking. She has 4 daughters. Now with the boost of our business, her daughters school fees are always paid on time, and she is able to completely care for them. Her family is being fed too. Same with the man that has the chapati stand. He is able to plan for his future and save.

It is $10 for one month of meals for one person. The amount that you probably spent on one lunch, will feed someone 20 meals. Will you consider packing your lunch one day and donating that $10 to our feeding program? Sign up using the button below or send us a message for more info.