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Gifts that Give Back

Is Christmas on your mind?

Are you wanting to give gifts that give back this year?

Did you answer yes to both of those questions?

We have the perfect solution for you.  Did you know that we employ over 20 women throughout the year with our Kwagala Jewelry line?  Each piece of jewelry purchased provides at least 4 jobs:  the person selling the materials, the man that cuts the paper for the beads, the women that roll the beads, and finally the women that put the beads together into the designs you love.  

All along the way, each person sets the price that they know is fair for their labor.  We cover the costs of the materials, so what each person is earning is only for their labor and goes directly to supporting their families.

Just in time for Christmas, we are offering a HUGE promotion on our jewelry club membership.  You can order for yourself (we won’t tell!) or to give to the jewelry lover in your life.  Each month, they will receive a new piece of jewelry, that was handmade in Uganda.  If you choose to give it as a gift, we will mail you a certificate for the person to open on Christmas morning.  From now until December 10, for every 3 months of jewelry club that you purchase you get 1 month free.  Yes!  You read that right.  When you pay for 3 months, you get 4.  If you pay for 6 months, you get 8.  Pay for 9 months, you get 1 year of beautiful jewelry.  Pay for 1 year, and 16 months of the jewelry club is yours.

We have 3 different levels.  Do you love bracelets and earrings?  The silver level is your best choice.  Do you love necklaces?  Go for gold!  Do you want to keep a piece for yourself and gift one?  It’s platinum for you.

Check our our Jewelry page for more info or use one of these links to sign up.   We will contact you shortly for shipping details!