Sponsor an Education

Sponsor an Education

What can you expect from your sponsorship?

The sponsored child will write to you at least 4 times a year, send photos and updates.

If the sponsored child leaves the program for any reason, you will be notified.

What are you committing to?

Writing to the sponsored child at least 2 times a year and send at least one photo.

Committing to sending your monthly chosen amount($10-$150). You can choose any amount you wish between $10-$150 per month

If your financial situation changes for any reason, you will notify us of no longer being able to continue with your sponsorship.

Where does your money go?

School fees and requirements, medical care, extra tutoring if necessary, and extra curriculars.

It costs approximately $10-150 per month to care for one child. So each child will likely end up having several sponsors.

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